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We provide bonds and garage liability insurance to Florida vehicle dealers. But, that is not all we do. Whether your interest is in Dealer Certification training, Dealer Information, Computer Car-lot Software, Insurance for Bonds or Garage Liability... we can fill your needs. We enjoy a network of companies whose products and services can be made available to you. Look below for some of the things that we can offer:

  • Basic Computer Software. Cybernetic Computer has been providing dealer computer software for over 25 years. Simple basic software can track inventory, improvements, sales and financing. Printing paperwork and forms for title work is included. When your business grows, or you want to expand your business, you can just add-on without disturbing your existing information. All Cybernetic software can grow as you do.
  • Complete Computer Software (Buy-Here Pay-Here). Cybernetic Computer has been a leader in Buy-Here Pay-Here computer software for many years. Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly contracts are easy to do at Add-on, graduated or per-diem interest rates. Bank contracts, state forms and dealer information reports are a natural part of the system.
  • State Approved Training School. The state of Florida requires that startup independent dealers attend two days of certified training before being licensed. Wholesalers, mobile home dealers and Franchise dealers are only required to attend one day. The Motor Vehicle Dealer Training Institute offers approved training for people who want a vehicle dealer license in Florida.
  • Education on car lot activities. We have prepared numerous documents to assist you in learning Title Work. We also will steer you to the appropriate books and training materials to make you knowledgeable. The basics are provided in the above mentioned training school. Florida's state forms may be printed by the computer software offered by Cybernetic Computer. Forms for other states are available.
  • Dealer Bonds. All vehicle dealers in Florida must possess a dealer bond in the amount of $25,000. We can provide them for you.
  • Garage Liability Insurance. Dealers must have a garage liability policy for a minimum of $25,000 and PIP insurance in the amount of $10,000. We can provide Florida dealers with these limits of insurance, or higher.
  • Credit Life and Disability Insurance New car dealers often speak of "back-end profits" when referring to insurance, finance or add-ons. Used car dealers can too. Credit insurance is relatively cheap and relatively profitable. Becoming licensed to sell it in Florida requires no schooling. We can help set you up.
  • Used Vehicle Warranties and Service Agreements Sometimes you must offer these products just to "keep up with the Jone's". Sometimes you do it for profit. And, sometimes you do it because it's the "right thing to do". Whatever your reason, we can be your source.
  • Small Company Group Health Insurance Health insurance has climbed out of sight. We have many varieties of packages ranging from full health, to major medical. Ask us what is available for you.
  • And Much More.................... We have a lot more services and products. We will be happy to talk to you about them.

Contact us to get started with any of the above mentioned programs. For personal attention just phone (561) 697-9000 and we will answer any of your questions.

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